Snaptrax Features

Control & Playback Music

Snaptrax Bluetooth device houses two high quality speakers which allow a user to control and playback their favorite music from their connected device.

24 Languages Supported

As Snaptrax allows vocal command of a users connected device developers have incorporated software which allows for languages such as Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic.

Search the World

wide web with just your voice.

High Quality Microphone


Snaptrax integrates a high quality microphone to allow all users speech to be clearly tracked and heard

Hands Free Voice Command

Control incoming and outgoing calls, send and recieve texts, send and read emails without touching your smartphone

Snapable Bluetooth

Snaptrax has an innovated solution for this bluetooth device that allows you to snap between your hats be it a Snapback, Beanie or Bucket Hat through to clothing, backpacks, seatbelt. In fact, anywhere in your daily life!

Snaptrax is easy to use

  • Power On Snaptrax

    Simply click the power button on your Snaptrax Bluetooth Device

    Turn On Bluetooth On Your Base Device

    Ensure bluetooth is switched "ON" your smartphone/tablet.

  • Start Pairing Snaptrax

    Begin by searching for bluetooth devices on your smartphone or tablet.

    Snaptrax becomes available

    After 10-15 seconds your Snaptrax will become available on your device.

  • Connect discovered Snaptrax

    Upon being located, choose "Snaptrax" and pairing will begin final stages. If Device is not discovered please message our team for assistance.

    You Are Now Ready To Go!

    Final message showing Snaptrax is connected to device will now occur along with Snaptrax playing a vocal "Connected" sound to signify Snaptrax is connected. Welcome to a whole new world of Voice activated bluetooth communication

The most aesthetic, sleek and accessible type of Bluetooth Communication Device

Snaptrax have spent the past 18 months working on the bluetooth design model. Over 100 different designs were reviewed, modelled and tested. This design compiled with our innovative "Snap" on accessories is the winner.

Types Of Uses

  • Bicycle
  • Snapback, fitted, strapback
  • Vehicle
  • Sports Jacket
  • Hard hat

  • Sports bra
  • Head/Sweatband
  • Seatbelt strap
  • Backpack/Bag strap
  • Sports training sleeve

It's not just a fashion item. It's a safe wearable bluetooth communication device.

Snaptrax can assist in various situations increasing safety within everyday scenarios when engaging with technology such as smartphones. Athletes, paramedic's police, cab drivers, private chaffeurs, outdoor tradesmans, and bros, are just some examples of those who can benefit from Snaptrax.

Who Would Want A Snaptrax

Snaptrax connects with most used devices

Snaptrax goes where you go


Place it on your bucket hat, sports hat, beanie, hard hat, headband, or whatever you’re wearing


Going for a run? Wear it on your sports bra or on the sleeve of your sports training shirt.


At work or at the gym, you can clip it to your backpack strap.


When driving, stay safe and place it on your seatbelt to stay connected even on the road.

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Snaptrax Conforms With International Product Standards

It's safer to use than a smartphone or tablet!

IT support when you need it

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